You know that the forklift is one of the backbones of your organisation. Whether you’re involved in logistics, warehousing, factory production, construction, or any manner of other industries, the forklift is essential. That means it’s important to know the parts of a forklift that are prone to wear and tear, so you can ensure your forklifts remain as reliable as possible.

Which parts need replacement most often?

Forklifts are complex machines, but generally speaking, they are very reliable. That means the parts that need replacement most often are generally serviceable items and those that fall under the banner of preventative maintenance. Examples of these parts include forklift chains, oil and air filters, forklifts engine ancillaries, forklift tires, and even the forks themselves. Forklift brakes and brake components can also wear quickly.

The parts of your forklift that are used the most are those which should be examined most frequently for signs of wear. So for example your forklift tires, brakes, and chains will be prone to earlier wear because they are in constant use.

How can you save money on these parts?

When it comes to saving money on replacing common forklift parts, the key phrase to remember is preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance involves regularly checking key areas of the forklift for signs of premature wear, and replacing the part early. You may wonder why you’d replace a part if it hasn’t broken yet, and how that can actually be the most cost-effective option.

The answer comes down to the likelihood of a failing part causing damage to other things as it breaks. When key components fail they’re likely to cause damage to other elements of the forklift. You don’t want your forklift’s brakes to fail completely while the forklift is in the middle of transporting a load, for example. That’s why it makes sense to change brake components when you can see they’re wearing, even if they haven’t yet failed completely. This preventative approach to maintenance will ultimately save you both potentially expensive forklift repairs and the wider ramifications of complete failure of the part. It also allows you to avoid instances of unscheduled downtime, because you can schedule the replacement of essential parts at a time that suits you, rather than waiting for the forklift to break down and damage your productivity.

Similarly, ensuring your forklift is kept properly serviced will limit the frequency that certain parts need to be replaced at all. Simply changing your forklift’s engine oil and filter, for example, can help to greatly minimise engine wear. This is why it’s important that you determine your forklift’s service schedule and make sure that you stick to it in order to keep the machine as reliable as possible.

How forklift hiring services can help you

At Pendle Forklift Services we’re proud to offer a range of forklift hire services designed to suit our clients’ needs. One clear benefit of hiring a forklift is that, in many cases, you can avoid needing to deal with ongoing maintenance issues. If you have a long term forklift hire contract, for example, we will keep a note of the required maintenance schedule. Then, when it’s due, we will make sure to collect the forklift, and you can easily arrange with our team to have a replacement delivered at the same time. This means that you don’t have to worry about service costs.

When you hire rather than buy you’re not tied to a singular machine, which makes providing a replacement forklift that much easier. We can either replace the forklift with a like for like machine, or you can take the opportunity to modify your rental contract and update the machine to a newer model or a different spec. It puts the choice in your hands, to ensure that you’re able to easily access the right forklift for your needs.

Not only does hiring allow you to avoid having to deal with forklift repairs, but it can also make it much easier to satisfy the changing demand of your business. Buying forklifts is a long-term commitment, and if your business experiences a downturn it can mean that you end up with costly machines sitting around your premises doing nothing. When you hire from Pendle Forklift Services, however, you’re able to hire in line with your needs. That means you have access to more machines when you need them, but when you don’t you can simply arrange to have them collected by our team.

The affordable path to forklift usage

Forklifts are essential to so many businesses, but the expenditure required to buy one for yourself can be prohibitive. Our forklift hire service offers a more affordable, efficient, and convenient option for business owners who need to ensure they always have the right model forklift for the job. We can help you save money on operational and servicing costs while providing helpful and friendly support as and when you need it.

For more information on our range of available forklifts, to discuss our various hire term lengths, or to get a quote, contact Pendle Forklift Services today.