With Christmas fast approaching, many businesses, especially in warehousing and logistics, are entering their busiest time of the year. And when things get busy, short term hire is a great way to make sure you meet all your targets. 

While there has been some slowdown, online shopping and shopping habits have been changed permanently by the pandemic and delivery and supply chain will both be stretched again this year as we head into December. 

With this in mind, and if you are looking to create more capacity in your business, short term forklift hire is a great option to consider. 

Get the forklift you need, when you need it with short term hire

If you are looking at a busy time around Christmas and wondering if you are going to be able to cope with your existing fleet, a short term hire is a great way to make sure you are covered. It’s often possible to get a forklift hire at short notice and you only have to have it for the time that you need it, it can be returned at short notice as well. 

The forklift you need for the project you have right now

Forklifts are a good solution for all kinds of work, but that doesn’t mean that your business is always doing the same kind of work. Looking at the type of forklift that you might need – reach or flexi being good examples here – for a project or period of time means you can get exactly the equipment you need for the job at hand, without having to keep it onsite when you don’t need it. 

A good first stop when you’re not sure

Similarly, short term hire is a good option when you’re not sure what you are looking for. Perhaps you need an additional truck but your not sure for how long. You’re moving into a different area of business but you don’t know if it will be permanent. Plenty of our long term hire customers or sales customers started as short term hires. They got the truck they needed, when they needed it, and went from there. 

Our business is to work with your business, find out what you need and help you with that. Short term hire is often a great way to show what you can achieve with a new addition to your fleet and who knows where that might take you? 

Your choice for short term hire, from our range of choices

We have plenty of short term forklift hire options available. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you make sure you have the fleet you need for this year’s busy time and beyond.