Every inch of warehouse space is precious and a well-organised and configured warehouse allows your business to function at its peak capacity. Whether you’re planning on reorganising your warehouse, moving to new premises or setting up a warehouse from scratch, maximising storage space should be a top priority. When it comes to making the most of the space in your warehouse, there are various tools and strategies you can use for maximum efficiency like narrow aisle forklift trucks and extending your shelving vertically. In this article, we take a look at some ways you can make the most of your warehouse space with reach trucks, higher shelves, narrow aisle forklifts and more.

Narrow aisle forklifts

Narrow aisle forklifts can be incredibly useful for various warehouse tasks but they are also a brilliant way to maximise the space in your warehouse. If you’re planning a warehouse redesign, having a narrow aisle forklift and smaller aisles can allow you to increase capacity hugely. Narrower aisles allow for more warehouse racking and storage space, but you will need a narrow aisle forklift to make the best use of this. With better manoeuvrability, narrow aisle forklifts can fit more into small spaces too, allowing you to utilise space that would have otherwise been wasted. Look at what potential obstacles there are in your warehouse and whether using new materials handling equipment could get rid of these. If your business is growing rapidly and you need more storage space, introducing narrower aisles can be a great solution before you move to a larger warehouse.

Reach trucks

Reach trucks are a powerful asset for any warehouse and these reliable machines can reach up to 12m above the warehouse floor. Having a high-performance reach truck can allow warehouse operators to use higher racking and make the most of the full height of the building. This highly sophisticated piece of technology can be used to reduce the time it takes to cover distance too. Modern reach trucks have a range of useful extra features designed to improve efficiency and stability in the warehouse. Shock sensors can reduce the risk of damage to goods and racking and transitional lift control can improve load stability too.

Building higher racking

Making most of the space in your warehouse also includes making the most of the height of your space. Higher racking can transform unused wall space into useful storage space and maximise warehouse space without taking up more surface area. You can also reconfigure your racking to use the space more effectively, especially if you have versatile tools. By reconfiguring your racking you may be able to fit more shelves in and therefore more products. Warehouses often have incredibly high ceilings and few businesses make the most of the vertical storage space available to them. When it comes to choosing higher warehouse racking, you’ll also need to consider whether you need new equipment like a reach truck to make sure staff can access the higher shelving.

Maximising warehouse space: top tips

You’ll be surprised how much space you have in your warehouse with the right configuration, higher shelving and better equipment. These practical tips should help you create a logical, efficient and productive warehouse, no matter what industry you’re in.

• Do a regular stock take to make sure stock is stored as efficiently as possible

• Consider outdoor storage space options like locked equipment cages

• Extend shelves vertically

• Create narrower aisles

• Label shelving clearly

• Reconfigure shelving to maximise space

• View your warehouse as a three-dimensional area

• Streamline shipping and receiving docks

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