Specialist in material handling, CESAB is renowned throughout Europe for manufacturing a diverse range of equipment that delivers exceptional performance and productivity. No better example exists to illustrate this fact, than CESAB’s fleet of four-wheeled electric forklifts. Boasting innovative design features, dependability and a model designed for every application, the electric forklifts supplied by CESAB are forward-thinking and focused on being safe for workplaces, employees, and the environment.

In the following sections, we’ll take an in-depth look at three different forklifts in the CESAB range and explore their business benefits.

Cesab’s electric forklifts – The B400

Featuring an economic design with plenty of power thanks to its 48-volt AC motors, the CESAB B400 counterbalance truck is engineered to offer enterprises both high performance and exceptional manoeuvrability. Electric powered and manufactured for durability it also delivers dependability lowering operational downtime and costly repairs.

The B400 forklift is designed to be user friendly. It has a spacious operator area with a straightforward control panel. As a result, operators can work in comfort, reducing fatigue and improving productivity. Simple to use, this forklift ensures drivers employ it effectively.

Enterprises aiming to enhance safety on site can benefit from deploying B400s. Providing operators with excellent visibility, they also boast a speed reduction technology that activates automatically when approaching corners. In a busy work environment, these features can reduce risks and damage to loads.

With four wheels, this electric counterbalance truck provides exceptional manoeuvrability and stability. Its pivoting rear-axle handles loads ensuring they are distributed over the four wheels, but also improves operator comfort levels on uneven surfaces

Raising performance – The B600

Made for heavier duty work than the B400, the four-wheeled CESAB B600 is ideal for intensive applications. While it enjoys compact dimensions making it suited to indoors where space comes at a premium it also includes features for extreme outdoor operations. Powerful onboard heating systems, high-index motor protection and alternative cabin configurations give it an edge outside and a suitable substitute for Internal Combustion (IC) trucks.

This makes the B600 a perfect fit for enterprises looking to lower their cabin footprint and save on fuel costs. In terms of uptime, the simple and swift battery change over of the B600 enables it to keep competitive while issuing zero emissions and cutting material handling costs.

Exceptionally diverse, firms seeking an all-rounder for heavy-duty tasks can use the B600 in a variety of applications, from loading, stacking, and unloading outdoors or in warehouses or as feeder trucks in manufacturing plants and industrial transport hubs. For greater usability the B600 can also operate in corrosive environments experience salt and moisture as well as safely in food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Strong on quality – The B800

The most powerful option in CESAB’s forklift fleet, the B800 is surprisingly manoeuvrable for a high-capacity material handling solution and suits both indoor and outdoor work.

Its lift capacity is 8.5 tonnes making it a superior choice for multiple heavy-duty applications, servicing the needs of, building merchants, general construction, and the manufacturing sector. However, electric powered it is both quiet and clean making it a favoured choice in the beverage and paper handling industries.

Businesses looking for a forklift that is fast and agile, while offering enhanced safety will appreciate the B800’s advanced features. Onboard, operators can use CESAB’s patented IMD (Intelligent Mast Design) technology. This innovative inclusion offers world-class levels of performance and visibility. It not only aids faster manoeuvring and stacking in tight areas, but also improves safety and lessens load damage.

As you can see, this trio of options makes the CESAB range an exceptionally beneficial addition to any enterprise that performs material handling processes, looking to operate at optimum capacity.